Penticton Bike Course

Penticton Bike Course

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This is the same great work­out as before, just in HD and widescreen.

Over 5 hours of the Pen­tic­ton Bike Course in this great wind trainer bike work out. All the hills and all the climbs. If you can’t get to the course for train­ing you need this DVD. The first 30 km of this ride can really fool you. If you go out too hard you’re gonna suf­fer in the end.

The Richter Pass comes up nice and early in the ride — about 65k. It’s a good steady climb with a good long down­hill to give you a rest before start­ing the series of rollers that lead to the out-and-back sec­tion in Keromeos.

The out-and-back can really take its toll. It can be as hot as 100 in this desert area of British Colum­bia, Canada, and this flat sec­tion of the course can really heat up on one of those days.

Off the out-and-back and head­ing for Yel­low Lakes. Don’t be shocked if you feel like you’re dead here. Its a false flat all the way to the top of Yel­low Lakes. You’ll hear peo­ple telling you that it’s all down­hill from the top, and it mostly is, but if you believe them you’re in for a shock.

The home stretch can be just as tough if you’re out on the course a lit­tle longer as the breeze tends to blow south in the after­noon giv­ing you a nasty head­wind for the ride back up Main Street.

Four DVD’s and five hours of rid­ing with gear­ing prompts and time clock. You’ll be able to ride the hard parts again and again!

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